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Dog Friendly

Princess Mundo Imperial offers the perfect vacation packages and amenities for dog lovers. 

A puppy by the beach at Princess Mundo Imperial
A puppy with some chew toys at Mundo Imperial

Please note our pet policies:

  • The maximum weight of your pet is 9 kg.

  • Price per pet per night $999.00
    mxn, with a maximum of 2 pets per room.

  • Your pet can only stay in the room where
    room where it was registered, if it is detected
    detected that it entered another room, a deep cleaning charge will be
    a deep cleaning fee will be charged.

  • Pets are not allowed for security purposes
    such as rottweiler, pit bull, doberman, saint
    bull, Doberman, St. Bernard, Great Dane,
    Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute,
    Akita Rhodesia, chow chow, or any breed that is considered
    breed that is considered aggressive.

  • It is required that your pet wears an
    identification tag with its owner's information.

  • Pets may not be left unattended
    left unattended in the room (your puppy can manage
    can manage very well in your home,
    but may become frightened in strange places).
    strange places).

  • Your pet should be kept on a leash
    or in a container, while being transported
    transported through the hotel areas.

  • You will be able to enjoy our consumption centers accompanied by your pet exclusively on the terraces of our restaurants our restaurants and subject to availability.

  • Your pet is not allowed in bars,
    pool areas, SPA, gymnasium, convention area or any other
    convention area or any other area that is
    indicated by hotel staff.

  • You are responsible for all damages
    to property or persons that your pet
    may cause in the facilities.

  • You are responsible for cleaning up after
    your pet's physiological needs.
    You can find identified trash cans in the
    identified in the areas.

  • You will receive a welcome kit, which
    contains a doggie lock, outside/inside
    outside/inside for cleaning, sanitary bags
    bags and a surprise gift.

  • Room assignment is subject to hotel availability.
    subject to hotel availability.

  • To clean the room, you must be with the
    you must be with the puppy, otherwise it will not be
    otherwise it will not be done.

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