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Dog Friendly Amenities

Our pet-friendly resort welcomes your furry friend to Mexico with thoughtful creature comforts like a toy, cleaning bags, a special towel and a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger to alert housekeeping that there is a pet in the room.


A dog by the beach at Pierre Mundo Imperial
A puppy with some chew toys

Please note our pet policies:

  • You must pay an additional fee of $999.00 mxn plus tax per dog, per night stay at the hotel.
  • You should not leave your dog alone in the room (it is possible that your pet behaves well at home, but may panic in an unknown location).
  • When transporting a dog inside the hotel, you must carry a leash or in a kennel. No dogs in restaurants, bars, spa, fitness center, pool areas, areas of the convention center or other areas designated by the hotel staff allowed.
  • You are responsible for all damages caused by your pet while staying at the hotel.
  • Dogs must weigh less than 9 kg (20 lb). One pet per room is allowed.
  • If a guest is traveling with a service animal, the guest must contact the hotel or their travel agent.
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