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Gentlemen & ladies posing at an event near Mundo Imperial
Photo collage of Arena GNP Seguros near Mundo Imperial

Arena GNP Seguros, owned by Mundo Imperial, wins ""Obra Del Año"" award.

Riviera Diamante Acapulco, November 2022.- Grupo Autofin and its tourism division Grupo Mundo Imperial were awarded the ""Obra Del Año 2022"" prize at the ELLE Decoration Awards, thanks to one of its most ambitious and modern projects, the spectacular Arena GNP Seguros.

This impressive venue represented a great challenge for Grupo Mundo Imperial, as it began and finished construction during the pandemic, which contributed to the development of the Riviera Diamante Acapulco, demonstrating that the country was moving forward, facing any challenge and encouraging more companies and organizations to invest in Mexico.

C.P. Juan Antonio Hernández Venegas, President of the Grupo Autofin and Mundo Imperial Council, mentioned that the Arena attracted the eyes of the world by offering the best stage and necessary infrastructure to host the most impactful sports, cultural, and entertainment events in the country: ""This work was made with a lot of Mexican love and national pride. We wanted this great project to be distinguished worldwide and to bring the necessary and sufficient focus with first-class events.""

In this sense, the arrival of this great project allowed the Riviera Diamante Acapulco to become a great reference for the reactivation of major events due to its high-tech infrastructure, achieving the attraction of new experiences, as well as an increase in tourism.

Therefore, Grupo Mundo Imperial continued to position itself as a leader in the hospitality, business, tourism, and entertainment industry through top-level venues that offered the highest quality standards.
It was important to highlight that the renowned Architect José de Arimatea Moyao López, from Moyao Arquitectos, was in charge of such an impressive design, located on Paseo de los Manglares and Boulevard de las Naciones with panoramic views of the golf course and, from the stands, the Pacific Ocean.

It was built on a plot of more than 90,000 square meters, in the heart of the Riviera Diamante de Acapulco, and the greatest virtues of the Arena, apart from its design and structural safety, were undoubtedly its multifunctionality since it could host everything from the Mexican Open Tennis, a 360-degree concert, a boxing match, Lucha Libre, sports tournaments, among others.

It had a myriad of special features that positioned it as the first and only one in Mexico, as it had: elevators to provide ease and accessibility, as well as spaces designed for people with different abilities at all levels, lighting to allow 4K transmissions, 28 suites for 22 spectators, 2 suites for 52 spectators with three rows of seats and benches, with a comfortable indoor lounge, restroom, service bar, and air conditioning, in addition to using an efficient system for the treatment and reuse of blackwater, low energy consumption systems and equipment, to mention a few.

To be considered, the editorials Obras and Elle Decoration invited various professionals from the real estate, construction, and design industry to participate in ""Work of the Year"" at the 2022 ELLE Decoration Awards. This recognized the best projects that were completed between January 1, 2021, and July 31, 2022.

The Elle Decoration Work of the Year 2022 award aimed to highlight architectural proposals that contributed the most to the country's development and, in turn, improved the quality of life of its inhabitants.
This was how Grupo Mundo Imperial reaffirmed its commitment to the Riviera Diamante Acapulco and the country by offering the highest service and quality standards in all its properties so that local visitors and national and foreign tourists could continue to enjoy every experience that the Group offered.

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