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The Mundo Imperial Entertainment & Hospitality press page was created to keep you up to date on the latest news, press releases and announcements from our resorts. For more information, a press kit or to schedule a visit, please contact us today.

1. By canceling or modifying a Hotel reservation? 
A.-You may cancel or modify your reservation according to the policies set forth in your reservation, some charge reservations.

2. Which expenses can generate a cancellation or modification of reservation?
A.-The cost to cancel the reservation outside the time set by the policies is one night in low and medium season, in Premium season is the total charge of the stay.

3. How do I know if my Hotel reservation has been successfully confirmed?
A.-If your com your reservation to via email or through the Call Center, you will be given a confirmation number. If you do so through the website, you will get an email with the form of your reservation and your confirmation number.

4. How do I pay for a Hotel reservation? 
A.-You can pay the total of your stay by means of deposit or transfer, provided that the deposit card is received 5 days before the arrival date.

5. What is the usual time for housing and departure in hotels? 
A.-The reception time is at 15:00 hrs and the time of departure is 12:00 hrs.

6. What do I do if I do not receive the Hotel booking confirmation e-mail? 
A.-You can request your confirmation number via email or contact us at 800-0909-900 where one of our agents will assist you.

7. What is Resort Service? 
A.-All hosting service genres one charge per night Resort Service which include: parking, Internet, gym profile, local and national calls from the room including 01800, kids Club.

8. How do I make a Hotel reservation for another person? 
A.-You can contact the 01-800-0909-900 where one of our agents will attend, requesting on behalf of who would be the reservation and making a deposit that guarantees the first night or the total of the stay, 5 days before the date of arrival.

9. Do I have to tell the Hotel if I expect to arrive later than 15:00 hrs? A.-You can communicate directly to the hotel or the reservation area in order to place your request on the reservation.

10. Do you have to extend or reduce the stay in the Hotel once you are in destination? 
A.-You can contact us directly at 01-800-0909-900 where one of our agents will inform you according to your reservation policies.

11. What is the hotel's phone number and address? 
R.-Princess Mundo Imperiall-> 744691000 
Pierre Mundo Imperial-> 7445352600 
Palacio Mundo Imperial-> 7444351700

Wayam Mundo Imperial->800 96 92926

12. How do I apply for a crib or a room with special features? 
A.-You can contact us directly at 01-800-0909-900 where one of our agents will place special requests on your reservation.

13. Can I stay in a hotel with my pet? 
A.-The charge per night in case of carrying a pet is $999.00 MXN taxes included (16% VAT and 3% lodging). Maximum 2 pets are accepted per room. They must be under surveillance in the room, attached to their leash or in a transport cage inside the hotel. Access is not allowed in restaurants, bars, spa, gym, pool areas, convention center areas or hotel-designated areas. In the register you must submit a vaccination card and identification plate. Pets considered to be of an aggressive nature are not allowed, maximum weight 9 kilograms

14. What documentation should I submit to my hotel entrance? 
A.-You must submit the hotel confirmation letter, official identification of the reservation holder.

15. When do I have to pay for the hotel reservation? 
A.-You can pay your reservation by deposit or transfer 5 days before the arrival date or directly at the hotel according to the reservation policies.

16. Can I pay for months without interest? 
A.-See the 800 09 09 900 The participating cards.

17. What is the minimum age to be able to book a hotel? 
A.-The minimum age to be able to book at the hotel is 18 years.

18. Where can I see customer opinions about a hotel? 
A.-You can see the opinions of the hotel on the page of

19. How do I know if the hotel offers a shuttle service and how do I hire it? 
A.-You can contact the 4351766 Ext. 7239 where one of our Contact Center agents will gladly assist you.

20. How can I send comments about a hotel? 
A.-At the time of making your departure, you can leave your comments directly at the reception.

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