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In MAYAB HOSPITALITY VENTURES, S.A. DE C.V  hereinafter referred to as WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL, located at Av. Colon,  number 508, Colonia García Generes, C.P. 97070, Mérida, Yucatán; we communicate that the personal information of all our clients and potential customers is treated in a strictly confidential way, so that they can feel fully confident that when purchasing our goods and/or services, we make a steadfast effort to safeguard and protect it. 



WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL collects the following personal data necessary and applicable to fulfill the purposes of this Privacy Notice, depending on the relationship that exists with you: 


a. Personal data we collect personally. 

Personal identification data, financial data, third party data (In providing the personal data of third parties, it is understood that the consent of the holder of the personal data has been given). 

b. Personal data that we collect directly through web page, email and telephone. 

Personal identification data, financial data, third party data (In providing the personal data of third parties, it is understood that the consent of the holder of the personal data has been given). 

c. Personal data that we collect indirectly through third-party transfers and public access sources that are permitted by law. 

Personal identification data. 


You are informed that the images and sounds captured through the video surveillance system will be used for your safety and the people who visit us. 

If you participate in events and reports, you are informed that the images and sounds captured can be disseminated through internal media and the different social networks. 

Likewise, the sounds collected through the different media used will be treated as a means of support to determine the quality of our services. 



More than a policy, in WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL we have the philosophy of maintaining a close and active relationship with our clients and potential clients. In terms of what is established by the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals (Law) and its Regulations, the personal data you provide us will be used for the following purposes: 


a. Necessary for providing the service: 

i. Perform the procedures for the acquisition of goods, products and/or services for our customers and potential customers. 

ii. Provide the customer with lodging services, which include restaurants (food and beverages); bars and entertainment, recreational activities; business center, and fitness center. 

iii. Provide customers with Concierge services; cribs; high chairs in the  restaurant; extra beds; safes, wheelchairs. Additional services as: laundry; medical service (available 24 hours a day, a concession with a charge for consultation). 

iv. Register as a guest and charge for the service to credit and/or debit card. 

v. To make reservations according to the specifications and needs of our guest; as well as to make changes to reservations or cancel services. 

vi. Obtain data from your credit card, only be used to collect the services requested by the client and as a guarantee of reservation, a charge is issued only when the reservation is not made effective. 

vii. Providing social events (events, banquets), tourist and commercial services requested by the client. 

viii. To obtain the enrollment in your case, to the rewards program and to obtain the corresponding membership. 

ix. Comply with the contractual obligations you have entered into with you under the existing business relationship. 

x. Process requests, perform billing, invoicing and clarification activities. 

xi. Keep our records updated so we can respond to your queries. 

xii. Comply with laws, regulations and other applicable legal provisions 


b. Not necessary for the provision of the service: 

1. Carry out activities of marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting, other than the goods, products and services provided by WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL. 

2. Undertake internal studies on habits of consumption, marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting related to the goods, products and services offered by WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL. 

3. Follow up on our business relationship and request evaluation and follow up to know the level of satisfaction of our goods, products and services. 


It is important to mention that the purposes (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), (vi), (vii), (viii), (ix), (x), (xi) y (xii)  give origin and are necessary. 


The purposes (1), (2) and (3) are not necessary, but they are important to provide you with marketing campaigns, advertising and commercial prospecting, exclusive goods, products and services, so you have the right to oppose, or to revoke your consent for WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL to stop processing your personal data for such purposes, in accordance with the procedure set forth in section IV or V of this Privacy Notice. 


It is your knowledge that you have a period of 5 business days to express your refusal regarding the treatment of your personal identification data, in relation to the purposes of subsection (b) of this section, according to the mechanism established in section IV of this Privacy Notice. 


IV. OPTIONS TO LIMIT THE USE OR DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA.WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL informs you that if you wish to stop receiving messages of marketing, advertising or commercial prospecting, related to the purposes referred to in subsection (a) of section III, you can make it valid by email to:, likewise, by this means we will answer your doubts and comments about the treatment of your personal data. 



All your personal data are processed according to the applicable and current law in the country, so we inform you that you have at all times the right to Access, Rectify, Cancel, or Oppose the treatment that we give to your personal data, as well as Revoking the consent given for the treatment of the same; these rights may be implemented through the Concierge, a person that WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL has designated for that purpose, or by sending an email to, to be provided with the ARCO Rights Request Form, which shall present a request at the address of the person in charge, and must attach a copy of his official identification to prove his ownership. The response to your request for ARCO Rights will be sent to the email you have provided within 20 working days of receipt of such request. Likewise, you are informed that the access right will be deemed to have been fulfilled when the corresponding reply is sent through the email that you have indicated for that purpose. 


The exercise of the ARCO Rights is free, where applicable, the holder must cover the costs of sending, reproducing and/or certifying documents; However, if the holder exercises the same right in a period not greater than 12 months, the response to the request will have a cost that will not exceed 3 days of the general minimum wage in force in the Mexico City. 

If you do not agree to the processing of your personal data, you may go to the INAI (National Institute of National Transparency System). 



Transfers in which consent is not necessary: 

You are informed that in order to comply with the purposes established in subsection (a), section IV of this Privacy Notice, your personal data may be transferred and processed inside and outside the United Mexican States by persons other than WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL. In this sense and based on the Law and its Regulations, your personal data may be transferred without your consent to: (i) Third party service providers, solely and exclusively for the fulfillment of the purposes established in subsection (a) of section III of this Privacy Notice; (ii) To third party service providers for the provision of services for social, tourist and commercial events; (iii) To third parties to carry out extrajudicial and judicial collection procedures in case of non-compliance. 

Transfers with consent: 

WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL may transfer your personal identification data to marketing and advertising companies for the purposes described in subsection (b) of section III of this Privacy Notice and other companies in the tourism sector, of goods, products and services with which we have some commercial and/or business relationship with the purpose of granting benefits to them when acquiring their products and/or services. If you do not want your personal data transferred to such third parties, you can express your refusal in accordance with the procedure established in section IV of this Privacy Notice. 



WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL informs you that we will not use "cookies and web beacons" to obtain personal information from you automatically. The personal data that we collect electronically, as well as the purposes and treatment are established in this Privacy Notice. 


This Privacy Notice may be modified from time to time iVIII. MODIFICATIONS TO THE PRIVACY NOTICE. 

n WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL, such modifications may be consulted through the following means: 

1. Our website  (Privacy Notice Section). 

2. Notices visible at our WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL facilities. 

3. Any other oral, printed or electronic media that WAYAN MUNDO IMPERIAL determines for this purpose. 



Este Aviso de Privacidad podrá ser modificado de tiempo en tiempo WAYAM MUNDO IMPERIAL, dichas modificaciones podrán consultarse a través de los siguientes medios:  

1. Nuestra página de internet 

2. Avisos visibles en nuestras instalaciones de WAYAM MUNDO IMPERIAL.  

3. Cualquier otro medio de comunicación oral, impreso o electrónico que WAYAM MUNDO IMPERIAL determine para tal efecto. 


Date of most recent update  12/03/2020